Time Freeze

Time freeze is a visual effect, created by a multiple camera array, to give the illusion of frozen time.

All the cameras are triggered simultaneously , and the resulting material in converted to motion, achieving the frozen time effect.

Also known as bullet time, this technique is a powerful tool to capture the audience attention, with the most common uses on events, film and TV industry. 


Making of the OAKA timefreeze project

Video examples

The content occures, after the construction of a platform with 100 cameras. It can be formed as a full circle, giving 360° content, or as a partial circle setup, accoring to desirable result.

The research and development of this rig, was made by George Hatzakis and Theodoros Tziatzios (www.realcreation.gr), back in 2008

Video for Porcelana

“The Making of”

TVC for Matt Royal


Video for Khronos

This project was inspired and derived from

Petit-Bateau’s + Cedric Charlier’s capsule photoshoot.


Produced with the technique of timefreeze

Additional CGI effects by www.realcreation.gr